Make Your Inner Space Stress Free, TODAY!

Today I met a couple of Muslim brothers on my way home. They ushered me over and asked me how my fasting was going. I told them I wasn’t fasting, even though I was born Muslim I’m not religious as that would deny my true nature. I’m a seeker, constantly seeking the truth. We can

What is true strength?

Question: What is true strength? Once enough people state that you are “strong” and ask how you got your strength, you naturally start to ponder this question. You may not have an answer at first, but as you keep seeking; your own answer starts to submerge. This process took years and I still believe that

Journey of inner transformation – my story!

Deep and unshakable confidence empowers my writing and words flow out of me – time falls away as I punch in key after key on my mechanical keyboard. From the here and now, consciously I visit the past only to share with you in present moment – the things that brought about my change. Events