Admire the life that you have!

Admire the life that you have!

Often times in life I find myself thinking about the future… Dreaming about the endless ways that I could become more successful. Through TV, internet, social media and other outside influences, I’m given both direct and indirect advice on how I should live. I spent many years trying to figure out how to live life only to realize that I’m already living. You can’t live life, it’s impossible. You are already living, right now as you read this. It’s not something that you are doing, it’s something that you are. What you can do on the other hand is to appreciate the life that you have. I even would go as far to say that you should admire the life that you have. When was the last time you really admired being alive? We think about the future, dread the past, but do we ever stop to admire what we really are?

We are human beings, not human doings. You probably never realized this, but it’s not every creature on earth that gets to be human, and when two human beings share their mating dance, only a select few get to come into this world to have this experience that me and you are having right now. Somebody went out of their own way to crunch the numbers on what the chance of being human actually is; and it came out to be 400 trillion to one. You literally have more chance of winning the lottery seven times during your lifetime than being a human. You are a being that gets to be human, how incredible isn’t it?

Let’s get into how we came to be human beings. As we all know, the sperm of our fathers entered our mothers and started to swim upstream. Among those thousands of sperms were the potential of me and you. There are many obstacles to getting to the egg inside the woman’s body, and there’s different selection processes that the sperm has to go through.  Only the sperm who can swim hard enough are privileged to make it to the egg, and when they do only one can enter. Even in the case of twins only one can enter. Before entering the egg the sperm are fighting to break the barrier of the egg. That’s when the potential of me and you burst through the barrier and made it. We fought hard to be here, we chose to be here. We chose to be human and to have this experience that we are having right now.

Close your eyes. Feel your heart beating in your chest. Observe your breathing and see that it’s all going on by itself. You are alive, understand it for what it is while you have it. 400 trillion to one my friend. As I write this a deep feeling of love arises from the depths of me. We are all one, but we have been separated by society, race, religion and others. If you take a look at semen, it all looks the same. We have been fooled by appearance, mirage and illusion. But to fully transcend our current circumstances we also have to admire the very circumstance that we are a part of. Part of being human in today’s society is participating in the things that are going on around us. In case you aren’t living somewhere secluded in the mountains, there are billboards, advertisement, fashion, social events and tons of other stuff going on around us. Transcendence is not about escaping, it’s about seeing the truth and not getting caught up in the bullshit. If you see everything as it is, for what it is – then and only then, you get to enjoy everything around you without getting caught up in it.

Admire the experience that you have because you only get to have it once.

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