Make a new change by changing the way you view change!

Make a new change by changing the way you view change!

Let’s take a second away from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and all other applications. Did I get your attention? Great! In today’s article I’m going to introduce something and let’s call that something ‘’The Gap’’. I want to clarify that I’m not the one who came up with this – It’s something that’s always existed for as long as we humans have stood on this planet and it’s something that’s going continue to exist long after both me and you are gone, so we better make good use of it while we have the chance.

I recently remembered watching a video by Darryl Anka and believe it or not he is the spiritual medium for an extraterrestrial being called Bashar. In this video that I watched a long time ago, I recall him talking about change and what he said about change have forever changed the way I view change. Wow, that was a very clever way of using the word change a few times in the same sentence, I think google is going to hate me! Nevertheless, we shall continue. It’s actually very simple, but before we simplify things, let’s look at how most people go about making a change in their life and now I’m talking about ANY change. It usually starts with thinking about change, followed by making a decision, then they either wait to start or put in halfhearted effort into their new way of living and then it usually ends with them giving up and I don’t blame them. I would also give up if I would go about making a new change in this way.

It all comes down to the process. Real change is simpler than you think and the more complicated you make it, the harder it’s going to be to create lasting change. It’s not about doing something new or living your new lifestyle, one day, it’s about what you do every day. What we are really talking about here is consistency.

‘’We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit’’
– Aristotle

How do we make real and permanent change?

Real change is simple and to simplify things, you have to organize your inner world in such a way that will make it possible for you to make a change. It’s important to understand that change starts with you and ends with you. It can no longer depend on another person, event or circumstance. It has to be up to you and only you. You are one hundred thousand percent responsible. Understanding this is key, but it’s not everything. Now here’s the mistake that people usually make (myself included) WE first make the CHANGE hoping the outside world will reflect the change that we have made, but what tends to happen is that the outside world gives us no reflection at all. Then we might keep trying a little bit more before we once again look towards the outside world, hoping it’s going to reflect our new change we have been working on. Only to find that everything still looks the same. Frustrated, tired and angry – we lose our resolve and give up. The more we look outwardly, the more we get discouraged. Friends, family, society are telling us to step down, back off and crawl back to where we came from.

I don’t know where we picked up this habit of looking towards the outside to reflect our change. Perhaps it was indoctrinated into us by society, television or school. At this point, it doesn’t matter where it comes from because IT DOESN’T BENEFIT US IN ANY WAY. Change has nothing to do with outside reflections. Again, you’re missing the point. Change starts with you and ends with you. If change could come in a box all that it would contain is you. If you take a look at yourself in the mirror, the only way to make the reflection smile is by smiling first and the only way to keep the smile in the reflection permanently is to decide to smile every day no matter what shows up, and to keep smiling even if the mirror breaks. What I’m trying to say here is that it’s very normal for the reality around you to show nothing when you first make a new change. The universe is testing your resolve. This is where you have to decide that no matter what anyone says, no matter what the world throws at you or what circumstances, events or situations you find yourself in – you are going to keep going, keep moving forwards no matter what, because that’s what you prefer.

The Gap

The days, weeks and months are going to pass and perhaps it still looks like nothing is happening around you, but it doesn’t bother you anymore because this new change is something that you prefer no matter what happens in the outside world. You have stopped playing the game of ‘’wait and see’’. You decide to become your own biggest fan, to be happy and proud long before others start to approve of you. You decide to smile first and to go after what you want with passion. Then, the most remarkable thing happens. You are totally absorbed in what you are doing and slowly without you even noticing, the world around you changes and the reflections that you used to hope for start to appear, but it doesn’t matter anymore because your attention has shifted from outside to inside.

You no longer get discouraged when the world around you still looks the same, because you understand that you have to go through a certain amount of time before any outside manifestation occurs, and this passing of time totally depends on how much you are willing to give. Think of it as filling a bucket. Daily you poor in love, passion, energy, focus, determination, calm and patience. Day in and day out you keep pouring everything you have into the bucket and soon enough, just like any other bucket in the world, it’s going to become full and then it’s finally going to start to spill over and reveal all the things your bucket has contained all this time, to the world and the people around you.

I’m going to leave you guys and gals with two questions; ‘’If you give up the new change you want to make halfway through. How is your bucket ever going to be filled? And ‘’Are you giving up just on yourself or also on all the people who could have benefited from this new change?’’

Leave a comment down below and let me know what answer you find within’ yourself!
And until next time. Don’t give up!


  • Ronaldo Duarte

    November 8, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    Well said…powerfull messsage bro….its true success is a state of mind…it all begins with you!!

    • Abbe Hårding

      November 8, 2016 at 10:36 pm

      Thanks Ronaldo!

      • Gildas

        December 30, 2016 at 2:57 pm

        Hi! I&#;1278ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!