Relationship – Attracted to other people? Here’s what you need to know.

Relationship – Attracted to other people? Here’s what you need to know.

I recently got an awesome question from a dear friend!

“I’m in a exclusive relationship but I’m still attracted to other girls and have all these urges?”

I love this question because its something I once went through myself. What’s cool is that most problems go away with solid advice.

Its simple.

Here’s the problem. You feel strange because you are attracted to other girls. I’m not talking about you doing something with other girls. i’m just talking about the feeling of attraction that goes through your body.

Your battle against attraction is creating the feelings of unease and confusion. It feels like having an irritating emotional rash. You feel you are doing something wrong by just have these feelings and the more you scratch, the deeper the itch.


Stop fighting. You can’t win. You are battling against million years of evolution and against your own masculine energy. Masculine energy is always going to be attracted to its opposite, feminine energy.

Feminine energy is not just found in women. It comes in all shapes and forms. Music, beer, dancing and everything else that’s wild and radiant. In essence, you are attracted to the radiance.

One woman’s radiance can fill your entire day, it’s refreshing for the male spirit.

Accept your attraction for the feminine, don’t be ashamed over it. Wear it proudly. Let the feeling of attraction wash through you, breathe deeply and stay with it. It’s an amazing feeling.

You then have to make a decision if acting upon these feelings are going to serve you or not because the truth is; they are just feelings.

In any case. The woman you have decided to stay with should be a lot more awesome than just random feelings in the moment and if this isn’t true in your relationship you should walk away because there are many different forms of relationships perhaps a exclusive relationship isn’t whats right for you.